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A people’s resilience…in sport

MUCH HAS been said about the resilience of Zimbabweans. And rightly so. But, one area that has not received much attention is the resilience in sport. Today, we bring you selected pictures from the Borrowdale Race Course, a place where the life of horse-racing in Zimbabwe has gone one, seemingly unperturbed by theĀ  crisis in Zimbabwe.

Enjoy these pictures as much as we did.

Veep Msika’s burial

We bring you two pictures which caught our attention at the burial of Vice President Joseph Msika on Monday, 10 August 2009. Msika died on Wednesday, 5 August 2009 due to hypertension.

A eulogy for Cde Msika

A eulogy for Cde Msika

A call for collective action

A call for collective action

On the new Constitution and the role of Civil Society

ON June 27 this year, the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) organized what it termed the Diaspora Constitutional Reform Symposium and hosted the event in central Johannesburg, South Africa. ZEF was supported by the International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA)’s States in Transition Observatory. Between July 20 and July 21 this year, there was a Zimbabwe Civic Consolidation and Regional Solidarity Consultation Forum organized by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and the Feminist Political Education Project (FePEP).

Hon. Minister Eric Matinenga speaking in Johannesburg

Hon. Minister Eric Matinenga speaking in Johannesburg

Activist, Elinor Sisulu speaks in Harare

Activist, Elinor Sisulu speaks in Harare

Some of the issues raised at the ZEF symposium revolved around questions such as; How should a Constitution-making process for Zimbabwe engage and include the Diaspora and the displaced? Who should consult who and how extensive should participation be? What weight should be placed on the role of the lanacaster House Constitution, the 2000 draft, the Kariba draft and the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) draft in the new Constitution-making process? (follow the link to view our picture gallery of the two events) Continue reading

Looking back…and ahead

AS Zimbabwe tries to find a meaningful way of forging ahead, especially through the means of coming up with a new Constitution, Zimbabwe in Pictures goes back into its archives and brings you pictures that have never been published before but all the same speak to the resilience of Zimbabweans, their hope and the beauty of a country that has so much potential. This is is the first of a series of pictures of to come and we hope you will enjoy them.

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New Zim Constitution: Different people, different strokes

AT lunch, the Diaspora Constitutional Reform Symposium currently underway in Zimbabwe had encouraged much debate around the issue of a new constitution in Zimbabwe. There have been questions, for instance on whether the whole process is a reform or strict constitution-making. This question was asked by Tererai Mafukidze who works for the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

Zimbabwe’s Constitutional & Parliamentary Affairs minister, Eric Matinenga has also stated that emphasis should be put on the final document that comes. Matinenga stressed that the Constitution which will be of high integrity and a reflection of the views of ordinary Zimabweans. Reflecting on Zimbabwe’s scarred recent past, Glen Mpani (Regional Co-ordinator – Transitional Justice Programme) stated the need for proper reconcilliation in the aftermath of the violent attacks on Zimbabweans by sponsored militia. “The process must be able to deal with the damage that has been done since victims are now living side-by-side with perpetrators,” said Mpani.

View the latest pictures from the morning session below. The afternoon session has just kicked off and it is ZCTU Secretary-General, Wellington Chibhebhe on the podium.

Prominent Zimbabwe Lawyer, Arnold Tsunga gets proceedings started at the symposium

Prominent Zimbabwe Lawyer, Arnold Tsunga gets proceedings started at the symposium (pic: levi kabwato)


The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum is today (June 27) hosting a day-long symposium in Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme of the event is; “Ensuring the inclusion of the Zimbabwean Diaspora in the constitution making process”. Speakers include Zimbabwean Minister of Constitutional & Parliamentary Affairs, Eric Matinenga, Justice Michael Majuru, former Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe, Dr Lovemore Madhuku, Chair of the National Constitutional Assembly of Zimbabwe and Wellington Chibebe, Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.
Proceedings are running late (one hour late) but the first session is expected to kick-off soon.
Zimbabwe in Pictures brings you the proceedings LIVE on this site!

Empty sapces: Speakers had not yet arrive at the venue at the appointed time

Empty sapces: Speakers had not yet arrive at the venue at the appointed time (pic: Levi Kabwato)